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Over the years, we have developed aerial robotic solutions that have gained prominence for various purposes. Do you need to sample leaves from a canopy or obtain plant samples from a distant cliff? Do you require close inspection of hard-to-reach infrastructure? Whatever your issue may be, our drone solutions can help. Our unique products enable remote forestry, environmental sciences, infrastructure inspection and many other applications. Our modern aerial solutions, DeLeaves®, Mamba, and Spy II, can function in challenging, distant, and GPS-denied conditions. Our remote-controlled solutions provide access to hard-to-reach environments and are equipped with a state-of-the-art payload stabilization algorithm that simplifies even the most complex manipulation tasks. We can also create customized robotic solutions for our partners. With the support of our highly skilled team, we can rapidly provide solutions for challenging environments. Take a look at different aerial solutions.
With the DeLeaves® tool, you can sample the canopy in a novel way using a drone. Outreach is working with top agricultural, forestry, and research groups to make it possible to sample previously inaccessible plants and trees with cutting-edge technology. This tool can be installed on a wide range of commercially available UAVs and is entirely independent of the UAV platform, making it simple for customers to integrate into their existing operations. The DeLeaves® sampling device comes with a digital video transmission system and a high-definition camera. Digital image transmission enables precision sampling and the detection of the smallest branches.
The Mamba patent pending technology was originally developed for sampling the cliff side flora, but it can also be used to sample trees or evaluate any in-contact NDT measurements of structures. Thanks to its centimetre-level accuracy in GPS-denied conditions, collision recovery functionality, and tremendous versatility, it is easy to adapt it to your specific application. The Mamba sampling tool is a robotic platform that is stabilized and suspended beneath a UAV. It can move precisely and independently from the UAV, enabling it to carry out activities that require great precision.

A project funded by NatGeo in collaboration with the NTBG has made it possible to collect some of the rarest plants on the planet.
The Spy II inspection system was designed to inspect the most challenging locations securely. Its patent pending propeller arrangement enables accurate and crystal clear visual inspection. Its ability to work in GPS-denied settings, collision recovery capability, and tremendous versatility make it easy to adapt to your specific application. Thanks to the design of its propeller, you can remotely point your professional camera at any location to look around every corner. The Spy II inspection system has been tested in hydroelectric dams, commercial chimneys, and manholes and has demonstrated its reliability in all of these challenging environments.

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