Infrastructure inspection drone: enhancing inspection capabilities

Beyond traditional inspection methods: an innovative infrastructure inspection drone

Our infrastructure inspection drone goes beyond traditional inspection methods thanks to its ability to physically interact with surfaces. This enables new applications such as in-contact inspection (ultrasonic gauge, impact-echo, NDT) and physical work such as drilling, cleaning, and sensor installation. With this cutting-edge technology, we ensure safer, faster, and more accurate inspections of our built environment, ensuring its safety and efficiency.

Advanced inspection capabilities

Our drone solution offers more than just standard imagery and other visual sensors. We go beyond the limits of traditional aerial solutions and have developed innovative ways to explore confined spaces without using drones by utilizing the Spy II. With the Mamba, we enable aerial robots to perform in-contact inspections. This technology allows the use of ultrasonic sensors and thickness gauges to assess the integrity of infrastructure.

Continuous monitoring of assets

Our aerial solution can install sensors on structures, offering continuous monitoring of assets. This is especially beneficial for offshore wind turbines, bridges, and other critical infrastructure.

Applications of an infrastructure inspection drone with our aerial solutions

Wind turbine inspection

Our infrastructure inspection drone is well suited for wind turbine inspection. The aerial solution provides a comprehensive assessment of the turbine’s condition, simplifying the inspection process while enhancing the asset’s management. Our drone solution can conduct LPS inspection, coating thickness assessment, and structural integrity evaluation.
The data collected from our infrastructure inspection drone enables the identification of potential issues before they become critical. By having ownership of the inspection process, you no longer need to rely on third-party inspectors, reducing the associated costs and delays. Additionally, for those who prefer to hire a firm to handle their inspections, we have experience working with consultant firms to provide turnkey solutions.
Visit our wind turbine inspection page for more information on how our infrastructure inspection drone can revolutionize wind turbine inspections.
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Manhole inspection

One of our infrastructure inspection drones, the SPY II, is also suitable for manhole inspection, offering a safer and more efficient alternative to traditional methods. Before entering a confined space, our drone can conduct a camera inspection to assess the condition of the manhole.
Our manhole inspection solution provides high-quality data with crystal-clear imagery even in pitch-black environments, which reduces the risks associated with traditional inspection methods. We prioritize quality over price, offering a rugged solution that can work in multiple environments. Additionally, our solution is more cost-effective than traditional methods, reducing the need for costly equipment and personnel.
Visit our manhole inspection page for more information on how our infrastructure inspection drone can enhance the safety and efficiency of your infrastructure management.

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