DeLeaves®: revolutionizing canopy sampling with a tree-cutting drone

Collect remotely from any tree with DeLeaves®

The DeLeaves® tool is a revolutionary way to remotely sample canopy using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) also known as the DeLeaves®. Outreach is collaborating with top agriculture and forestry companies, along with leading research organizations, to enable the sampling of previously inaccessible plants and trees. This tree cutting drone is independent of the UAV platform and can be installed on a variety of commercially available UAVs, making it easy for customers to integrate it into their current operations.

Reaching the upper third of the tree canopy

According to many sampling protocols, samples must be collected from the upper third section of the tree. This is where you find sunlit foliage and new growth, which provides the most accurate information on the tree health (nutrients level, leaf mass per area, chlorophyll, spectral reflectance, etc.). The DeLeaves® tool solves this problem and makes it possible to sample the upper third section without the need for tree climbing, firearms, or line launchers. Contact us now for more information on this cutting-edge tree cutting drone.

Deleaves deleaves upperthird with drone

Advanced features of DeLeaves® canopy sampling tool
for precision plant sampling

Deleaves iconePrecision


Experience unparalleled precision with the DeLeaves® canopy sampling tool, allowing you to collect the sample of your choice with utmost accuracy.
Deleaves iconeEasyToUse

Easy to use

With our fully automated cutting sequence, you can conduct sampling operations using a single operator.
Deleaves iconeCompatible


The DeLeaves® canopy sampling tool is fully compatible with the DJI M200, M300, and M600 series, requiring no modification to the UAV.
Deleaves iconeProductsVersatile 2


The length and orientation of the canopy sampling tool are fully adjustable, providing versatility to sample any plant species.

Specifications of the DeLeaves®

Aerial sampling tool

Max. cutting diameter 20 mm
Max. sample weight 1 kg
Battery capacity 5 - 20 samples
Battery voltage ‍11.1 V (3S)
Adjustable tool length 3 - 5 m
Adjustable tool orientation 0° - 90°
Tool weight 1.4 - 1.6 kg
UAV compatibility DJI M200, M300, M600

Ground Station

Operating range up to 20 km (FCC)
Operating system Android
Video link resolution 1080P/30 FPS
Battery capacity Built-in 4950 mAh


Operating temperature 0°C - 40°C
Charging temperature 10°C - 40°C
Deleaves imageDeleaves specifications
Deleaves imageDeleaves interface

User interface specifically designed for sampling


Other features of DeLeaves®

The cutting mechanism of DeLeaves®

The DeLeaves® tool has a powerful cutting mechanism that controls the branch feed rate to ensure optimal sampling. The BLDC motor is capable of cutting branches up to 20 mm in diameter.

Deleaves Cutting

The electronic controller for precision sampling

An electronic controller operates the entire sampling tool and has a proven automated cutting sequence that allows users to sample a branch by pressing a single button.

Deleaves Pcb

Full HD camera transmission for precision sampling

Equipped with a full HD camera and a digital video transmission system, the DeLeaves® sampling tool allows users to distinguish even the smallest branch and perform precision sampling.

Deleaves Cam

Quick orientation adjustment to sample any tree species

A simple lever on the DeLeaves® tree sampling tool allows the user to quickly and easily adjust its orientation. This quick orientation adjustment ensures that the tool’s orientation matches the canopy geometry, allowing users to sample branches from any tree species.

Deleaves Flip

Lightweight carbon rods for treetop sampling with DeLeaves®

The treetop sampling tool rods are made of lightweight carbon fiber to keep the payload’s weight to a minimum, and they are designed for quick and easy assembly, allowing users to adjust the tool’s total length to keep the UAV away from treetops.

Deleaves Carbonrod

The DeLeaves® tool has a powerful cutting mechanism that controls the branch feed rate to ensure optimal sampling. The BLDC motor is capable of cutting branches up to 20 mm in diameter.

Deleaves Cutting

Videos of DeLeaves® in action

Deleaves reed college lockup red p 500

“The DeLeaves sampler is totally changing the game for our lab! We have been integrating it into our field work this season and have so far been amazed by how well its working for us.”
Aaron Ramirez, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies & Biology, Reed College

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FAQ about DeLeaves®

No, the tree sampling tool does not require any modifications to the UAV. The attachment has been designed to be installed and removed easily so you can continue to use your UAV for any applications.
The tool is totally independent from the UAV; it has its own power units, remote controller and camera. The automated cutting sequence can be activated by pressing a single button. Safety features are integrated to ensure the cutting sequence goes smoothly.
Yes, the precise positioning of the tool allows you to align the cutting system opening into the branch of your choice.
We do not hold a specific list of tree species that were sampled with our canopy sampling tool. The tool has been able to sample any deciduous and conifers in the North American ecosystem that it has been tried on. With the configurable orientation, you can adjust the tree sampling tool to match any canopy structure.
It is recommended to have basic experience in drone piloting since the operations are done nearby obstacles. Although, with minimal training and by following some basic rules, almost anyone can operate the system.

With the purchase of the tool we offer a remote training with one of our experienced pilots. Training videos are coming up. For a more complete training, we can also organize in-person groups training.

Many factors can influence the range of the tree sampling tool. In open spaces, the communication can go up to 20 km. Although, when the canopy interfere with the signal, it can reduce the communication range from 200 m to 1 km depending on the canopy density and the area’s topograhpy.

We are the only authorized distributors of the DeLeaves sampling kit at this moment. If you need a demonstration for a specific application, please contact us.

Those are the only compatible drones at this moment, but if your drone can handle a payload of more than 2 kg, we can adapt the tree sampling tool for your drone. Please contact us for special requests.

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